It is Adult Discipleship’s goal to provide opportunities for continuing adult spiritual development while we are not able to meet in person. Some small group discussions can be at church as a choice. We do have a couple of individuals willing to be facilitators, to do both zoom and on-site meetings.

Small Groups meet twice each year“A Time to Grow” by Kara Eidson will be used during the Lenten 2023 season. Please send this sign-up sheet to the church office to reserve your spot.

Online resources:
YouTube, along with our own streaming services, offers services and videos too numerous to mention –

Highlights include:

1. The Chosen series
2. Saddleback Church lecture series on many topics by Rick Warren and staff
3. Joni Eareckson interviews
4. Musical performances by The National Christian Choir and other artists
5. Lectures by John Piper and other well-known Christian apologists
6. Gospel for Life – Timothy Keller sermons
7. Video series such as Prodigal God and other books – videos that accompany books

Small group meeting topics could include:

1. Prayer group for our nation, church, community and individuals
2. Book study – book club with a suggested list
3. Bible studies
4. Spiritual Formation group following Renovare model

Books list

1. The Good and Beautiful God series (Good and Beautiful Life, Community) by James Bryant Smith
2. Books focused on the person of Jesus Christ: Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund (a good follow                          up on Dave’s recent sermon series), Timothy Keller’s Jesus the King and his Encounters with                                Jesus
3. Books on the Christian Life: I know there are many, but here are some recently found                                      –Life without Lack by Dallas Willard
–Hidden in Christ by James Bryant Smith
–Sit, Walk, Stand by Watchman Nee
–Dallas Willard trilogy (pretty heavy) Hearing God; Spirit of the Disciplines; The Divine Conspiracy