Our twelve member Board of Deacons engages in a ministry of compassion by visiting our elderly & shut-ins, providing meals for those who have recently returned from the hospital, delivering flowers to shut-ins and those hospitalized as well as ongoing monthly contact, care and support for at least one care-receiver.  Deacons also coordinate our Sunday Worship Ushers.  To learn more about Deacons or to inquire about receiving Deacon assistance, please contact the church office at 717-334-1235.


Faith Community Nurse, Pam Phillips, RN

What does your Faith Community Nurse (FCN) do?

The FCN works for you, the parishioners, and supports the well-being of the GPC membership and community members, providing one-on-one care.

The FCN promotes health and wholeness in the name of Jesus and provides spiritual, social, and emotional care.

How does the Faith Community Nurse (FCN) assist the parishioners of GPC?

Health Counselor: Pam listens and speaks with persons regarding their health issues. She is available to visit in the hospital, in nursing facilities, and in homes, as needed. She also offers her presence and prayer during times of crisis and celebration.

Advocate: Pam assists parishioners with any health-related needs and interests. She can accompany you to your doctors’ appointments (to be your eyes and ears) and help you to understand any test results, medications, and so forth so that you can make informed decisions. Confidentially, Pam can review your discharge instructions, medication lists, etc., to ensure you have a good understanding of your post-care or continuing care needs.

Health Educator: Pam provides health information and awareness about chronic conditions or diseases. She will be emphasizing preventative care through educational opportunities, screenings, and more (for example, blood pressure screening Sundays, keeping up first aid kits, etc.)

Spiritual Presence: As an FCN, Pam works with the GPC pastoral care team in the caregiving ministry of GPC by listening, praying, supporting, and encouraging through personal visits, telephone calls, and other forms of communication.

Resources: Pam works to link the GPC congregation members to community/spiritual resources.  She works alongside the Stephen Ministry and Deacon Ministry at GPC.

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To contact Pam, call 410-596-0777 or email


Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are laypeople — Christian men and women — trained to provide one-to-one care of people experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, relocation or separation due to military deployment. Stephen Ministers come from all walks of life. Their commonality? A passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need. Since 1976, more than 600,000 people from more than 12,000 congregations and other organizations have been trained as Stephen Ministers. For more information call the church office at 717-334-1235.

Support Groups

Support groups for bereavement, divorce recovery and cancer recovery are held periodically as interest warrants.

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