The Music Program of the Gettysburg Presbyterian Church

In addition to the choirs, we have instrumental and solo opportunities for those who are interested. We currently have opportunities for a brass quintet, women’s choir, flute choir, youth orchestra, instrumental soloists who are needed for anthem and hymn accompaniments, piano/organ duets and hand bell duet/trio/quartet. God has given us many talents. It is our responsibility to share those talents with our congregation. If you would like to use your talents at Gettysburg Presbyterian Church, please contact me. I can be reached at 334.1235 (church), (301) 788-0337 (home) or I look forward to hearing from you!

Choir Opportunities for Adults

Adult Choir
~ This choir presents the anthem at the 11:00 Sunday service. It rehearses in the balcony of the sanctuary from 7:00-8:30 on Wednesday evening, September through June. Major works and instrumental accompaniments are a part of program. The director is Dave Conklin.

Early Choir
~ This choir is responsible for quick learning! It rehearses in the Music Room at 7:45am on Sunday, then sings at the 8:15 service. This is the choir for you if have limited rehearsal time in your schedule. The director is Dave Conklin.

Adult Hand Bell Choir
~ This group rehearses at 7:15 on Thursday evening in the Music Room. They play at the 8:15 or 11:00 service about 5 times a year. Sometimes smaller groups are used for hymn or anthem accompaniment. Director: Emily Koons

Recorder Consort
This group practices Sunday mornings and plays in services quarterly. Director: Emily Koons

Choir Opportunities for Children

Primary Choir
~ This active group of age 3 through 2nd graders meets at the Supply Room of the Education Wing on Sunday mornings at 10:30. The children have the opportunity to sing their praises for the 11:00 service about 4 times a year. Amy Hoch and Carrie Trax provide the leadership for this group.

Chapel Choir
~  Under the direction of Amy Hoch this choir meets at 5:45 Wednesday afternoon during the Youth Club program for children in grades 3-5. The choir sings at a Sunday morning service about 5 times a year and presents musicals.

Chapel Bell Choir
~  It’s time to learn to ring – this is the first experience with hand chimes and hand bells. The choir meets at 6:15 on Wednesday evening, presents music at the 8:15 or 11:00 services about 5 times a year and is directed by Emily Koons.

Choir Opportunities for Youth

Youth Choir
~  What an enthusiastic bunch! Youth in grades 6-12 get together at 5:00 Sunday afternoon to prepare music to present in a Sunday morning service once a month. This choir is directed by Emily Koons.

Youth Bell Choir
     ~  The learning of hand bell techniques continues. This group of 6-12th graders meets at 4:30 Sunday afternoon. The choir plays at a Sunday morning service once a month and is under the direction of Emily Koons.

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