Ministry Staff

  • Rev. Dr. David C. Wright, Senior Pastor – View Profile
  • Rev. Louis A. Nyiri, Associate Pastor – View Profile
  • Emily K. Koons, Director of Music & Organist
  • Libby Crowe, Director of Middle School Ministry & Contemporary Worship
  • Cheryl L. Betts, Director of Christian Education
  • Penny Messinger, Administrative Assistant
  • Charles Huber IV, Church Sexton
  • Jean LeGros, Clerk of Session
  • George Marguglio, Treasurer
  • Kyle Clark, Contemporary Worship Technical Support
  • Libby Crowe, Praise Band Administrator
  • Rev. Harry G. Winsheimer, Pastoral Visitation
  • David Conklin, Adult Choir Director
  • Amy Hoch and Carrie Trax, Chapel Choir Director
  • “Position Currently Vacant”, Sunday School Superintendent


The Session

Class of 2018
Jerry Cleaver
Ron Jones
Anne Kern
Susan Kolmer
Al Moyer
Class of 2019
Anne Gallon
Jim Gardner
Lynne Graziano
Bill Sterrett
Sheryl Suplee
Class of 2020
Jennifer Daniel
Carol Heiser
Jane North
Laura Penning
William “Bill” TIndell

The Board of Deacons

The role and position of Deacons dates back to the early church and has its Biblical roots in the sixth chapter of Acts. The office of Deacon set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ.

The 12 member board meets monthly, except for the summer break (July and August). Modeling their ministry after Christ, Deacons serve through witnessing, service and sympathy. Each Deacon has at least one person for whom he/she is a conduit for Christian care giving. Through one-to-one interaction such as phone calls, personal visits and prayer each Deacon offers the loving care of Christ to their care receiver. Deacons provide many forms of care for members and friends of the GPC family. It might be a ride to worship or some other church function for a member who is unable to drive. It might be a visit and/or delivery of a DVD or VHS tape of the Sunday morning worship service to a home bound member who cannot attend services. Deacons also provide Congregational care including meals and rides for members who need assistance due to illness, births, accidents and other situations.

To learn more about Deacons or to inquire about receiving Deacon assistance, contact the church office at 717-334-1235.

Class of 2018
Jeff Cook
Cathy Gardner
Jerry Heeschen
Pat Lowe
Class of 2019
Kelly Jones
Joanna McGuire
Ron Weigle
Dick Wiser
Class of 2020
David Boyer
Bengy Conover
Lee Flinner
Mary Beth Shoemaker